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Los angeles hairstylist and artist

DP Hue is partnering with me and giving me a portion of sales. Order through me and it'll get shipped straight to your door! Root touch ups are for your T parting. This means it is enough to cover your part and hairline. So not so scary to to at home and just ties you over till you can see me again. 7 shades: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde and Strawberry. Bleach blondes... the only option you have is to wait.. your hair is too precious. However there is a purple conditioner to tone your ends. Gloss also available in a wide range of colors to refresh your ends! Shoot me a messaged and I'll get you set up babes. 

I recommend Super Garden, a CBD shampoo and conditioner to sooth and chill out your scalp. And Bright Shadows a root touch up spray that comes in 7 different shades. Waterproof, needs to shampoo to rinse out. Great to blend and cover your growing out roots

Root touch up kits also available! DP Hue Root touch up kits, Gloss and purple conditioner available. DM me through social media or send me and email at Danicahairdesign@gmail.com

order r+co through my link and suppor me! R+co is giving me a portion of all sales


Updates on covid 19

YIkes guys. I don't know what else to really say that has not been said. I'm here for you, so send me an email or DM on social media for any questions you have. I want to help my clients as much as I can from afar. I will be posting bang trim tutorials and hair tricks on my social medias and possibly youtube to stay connected. You may support me buy prepaying or buying a gift certificate with me if you are one of the luck ones to work from home, I can send you information how. 

Color kits are something I can make happen for you. Let me know if you are in need and I can put together your formula for you and deliver to your door with instructions on what to do and where to get application tools. 

I have some product available too I'm happy to drop off or please go to this link to buy straight from the R+Co site, they are giving me a commission on everything sold from my link. So please please use this link when you need to order. 


We'll get through this. I miss everyone so much and being in my studio doing the thing that I love.

Planning to open up salon books in June if things go ok, otherwise TBD

-Love Danica