Los Angeles, CA


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Danica Svanborg Hair


-Hair styling for photo shoots/fashion/film etc. 

Please send me an email for day or half day rates/kit fees and availability


-House call hair services add $50 for 30 miles within LA. Add 35 cents for each additional mile.

in the studio

All services are genderless and based on length or service time

​Haircut *extra short- $60

​             *short- $75

​             *medium- $90

             *long- $115

             *extra long- $125

-Drycut Dusting $90

  • ​a note on drycuts- please come in with your hair clean or 1 day old. Style like you would normally or let air dry naturally. This is for cleaning up ends perfect for long or extra long hair trying to grow out. No wash included.

-curly drycut $95+

  • drycut, washed and diffused specific for curls

-retouch base color $80+

  • this is 8 weeks or less( 1/2 inch) add $20 for each additional inch

-Bleach retouch $140+

​-Bleach Virgin $110-$400+

-Toner add on $35+

  • this is to add on to bleach or highlights that need a tone or gloss

-Full highlights $200+

-Full balayage $200+

-half highlights $150+

-half balayage $150+

-Balayage or Highlight transformation $290+​       

-bang/neck trim $20

-vivid color add on $35+

-Hair treat $35+(add on) $85+ (with blowout)

-updo $95+​​

​for more rates and services please click link below